Our operations affect individuals, companies, organizations, but also our environment all of which are our stakeholders. No company can operate in isolation from society and our stakeholders have a legitimate interest in the way we do business. This diverse group includes the following:

  • Employees of the DEKON Group Companies
  • Customers - we serve Associations, NGOs, IGOs, Governments, Corporations and Individuals
  • Business partners - our trusted suppliers, other service providers and their employees
  • Peers - colleagues in our global PCO network
  • Masterminds - scientists, community members and green meeting industry members

How we engage

Whenever we are approached by one of our stakeholders, our reaction is clear: we actively engage, we listen, we seek to understand their concerns and whenever it is within our ability, we act.

Listening and responding thoughtfully to stakeholder concerns and ideas is vital to our progress in daily business life. Our relationship with stakeholders is critical to our future success, their thoughts and insights help us to constantly improve our products and services and make us understand how and where our companies can make a difference.

Our People

Each and everyone of our people is truly special and unique to us. We formed around a group of meeting industry veterans and a young and dynamic lineup of experts in tourism who have graduated from different faculties like event management, engineering and political sciences. Local experts are complemented by a diverse educated, multi cultural and multilingual team, understanding the wishes of clients coming from all around the world with different cultures and backgrounds.

We believe in good communication because it helps employee engagement and at the end significantly improves our overall performance. Twice a year we do an employee feedback and survey where we measure how engaged our employees are. The results allow us to identify specific areas where we are performing well and those areas in which we need to improve. While there are multiple communication channels to ensure our people have access to information that is important to them we also promote an open door policy of our senior leadership.

Our Clients

Our clients are global, regional and local associations and corporations. Since 1991 we have been serving the needs of Corporate Clients, Medical and Technical Societies, NGOs, NPOs and IGOs in Turkey and for many years now also globally. For us, the client is the key stakeholder for whom the project is being carried out. The achievement of client satisfaction is the factor determining the success of our business. We aim to deal honestly with our customers and secure their loyalty and trust through the provision of outstanding quality, price and service. We continuously provide our clients with what they need to keep in permanent touch with the project we carry out for them: Overall project summaries, project costing, regular interim progress reports and project progress reports.

Our Partners

To ensure that our products and services meet the needs and expectations of our clients as effectively as possible we joined IAPCO, the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers. Becoming a member of an association which is the highest league in the industry is often a process of years; one has to meet IAPCO's strict entry qualifications - including audits, inspections during operations and of company offices, reference checks from past clients and industry colleagues - to confirm a high level of professionalism. Once accepted into the Association, an IAPCO PCO has to maintain its membership by participating in an annual quality assessment. We also participate frequently in IAPCO's Quality Trainings.

Our Suppliers

It's our aim to build long lasting relationships with our suppliers and other business partners, as well as their employees and their suppliers, based on honesty, fairness and courtesy. Top quality it is what our clients expect when they hire us and so do we from our suppliers. Since our early years we have been working with a pool of trusted solution providers, suppliers which offer us and our clients the highest quality for a reasonable price. And of course we expect that our business partners adhere to the same business ethics and environmental principles.

Our Environment

Many years ago, when we became a founding member of The Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey', we already defined Sustainability as one of our core values. Because we strongly do believe that while doing business all of our actions should also focus on Environmental Sustainability at the same time. We do commit to making a positive difference to the communities where we do business; by actively consulting with local partners and communities we seek to understand and manage the environmental impact of our operations. When we organize an event we strive to minimize our carbon footprint, so we follow a clear check list, including Destination, Venue, Accommodation, Transport, Production and Food & Beverage. And of course we also focus on running a green office.